Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Under The Blue Moon

We sat on the beach
We hadn’t done that together
You and I, all alone
No moon in the sky

We sat and talked for hours
As if we had been there many times before
Although it was our first time,
we knew it wasn’t our last

We talked for what seemed like forever,
just you and me and the stars
Talking about the future,
and reminiscing about the past

When we first sat down,
the sun retreated behind us
Then as we lay staring up to the sky,
it was midnight and the moon began to rise

Our feelings grew into the night,
as the blue moon shone in the sky
Our hearts, our eyes, our bodies and our minds,
they, too, began to shine

And as the blue moon sat in the sky,
and its blue light danced across the water,
we laid on the blanket intertwined,
and realized we’re meant for one another

*Note: Inspired by Theme Thursday, topic: Blue



  1. "Our feelings grew into the night..." I could feel it when reading! Wonderfully written. :)

  2. fabulous piece...and a very happy ending...and on a blanket under a blue moon perfect place to be...happy tt!

  3. this stirs up some wonderful thoughts for me! Very nice!

  4. Photo inspired and superbly done. My Theme Thursday is HERE .

  5. Really nice, and with a moonstruck happy ending too. Good job.

  6. Beautiful, felt like I was there :-)