Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Basics of Conversation

It's simple really, either:

A) listen, respond, offer something to the conversation, repeat
B) offer something to the conversation, listen, respond, repeat.

I've come across many one-sided conversations lately, and I've typically been on the side with all the action - seeming to always drive the conversation, even from the very early stage of communication. I don't mind initiating, but I do mind forcing it along.

I make it a point to ask questions, build interest, and respond accordingly, typically in all of my conversations. However, many of the conversations lately seem to have a flat response to my side of the conversation, with no sense of continuance; no questions, no comments, nothing really added - just a response with barely anything to build upon. This results in a one-sided conversation. A conversation that really isn't a conversation at all. Communication, yes. Conversation, no.

However, it seems that more times than not, the responses are pretty good: thoughtful, and with interest of a conversation., but lacking any back-and-forth material... material which is imperative to good conversation. I'm not sure if people are unaware that they’re doing this, but it can be a little off-putting. You have to wonder if the conversation should even continue on, either now or in the future…

I guess the moral of the story here is to either A) converse appropriately, or B) make it well-known that you have no interest in a conversation.

Thank you.


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