Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A process for direction

I’m trying to figure out what to do with my life moving forward from here. Have you ever tried to do that? It’s a daunting task! I suppose some people are born and bred into something that they enjoy and just know what they’re made for. Unfortunately that’s not me.

So, in order to tackle this, I’ve decided to approach it this way: I’m taking stock of me; who I am, etc… I’ve made a list of three categories: languages, passions, interests. Through these, I expect to find my calling, or at least more direction in my career path. At the very least, I expect this exercise to help identify areas where I’m proficient and areas I’ll enjoy, and hopefully indentify the areas that combine the two. To clarify “languages”: these are the subjects/topics/industries that I can speak fluently, or speak well… I couldn’t think of a different category title.

Here’s what I have so far, listed in no specific order:

Languages (what subjects/topics/industries can I speak fluently, or speak well?)
- Politics
- Finance
- IT
- General business

Passions (what am I passionate about when speaking with others?)
- Education
- Music
- Food

Interests (what are my interests?)
- Outdoor activities
- Recycling/”Green” things
- Music
- Poker
- Cooking
- Motivation/Inspiration/Self-help (maybe?)

I plan to continue building the list, but I’m at a point where I really have to think about it, I mean really, really think to find things to add. Perhaps only those which immediately come to mind should be included here, simply because if they’re at the forefront of the mind then they must be a legitimate, viable interest. Otherwise, if I really have to think to come up with something, maybe it’s not that high up on the list to begin with and shouldn’t be included. I guess then maybe my list is done… or maybe it’s not. I guess I’ll find that out.


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