Wednesday, June 2, 2010


She looked East and saw the bright white light streak across the sky. Everyone else on the shoreline was fixated by the sight as she turned to run.

As she ran, the deafening silence broke – the crowd she left behind began to scream as it came crashing down on the horizon.

She stopped to look, turning around, watching in awe as it hit the ocean. The light brightened and the sky turned white. After a few moments, the explosion was not only heard, but it was felt by everyone around; it was the loudest sound that anyone had ever heard.

The plume rose from the water as the explosive sound subsided, rising into the sky and partially blocking the sun. The water drew back and the crowd stared blankly as the sky filled.

She turned, continuing to run until she could not run anymore.

By then the water had receded far, much farther than anyone could see.

And then they saw it.

They watched as the horizon rose from the Earth… a wave was approaching and everyone froze.

As it grew taller and closer, panic set in: the onlookers began to scream, they ran, they fell to the ground, and they cried. Some prayed, while others stood still.

Even though she was already miles inland, she knew there was no chance of outrunning the wave as she saw the wall of dark blue water rise in the distance, still minutes away. She saw how high it was: much higher than the trees in the distance it had yet to consume.

There was no warning except for the explosive sound as it came crashing to Earth. The streets were barren though… She stopped running, stood in place and made peace.

She waited as the water crashed over the trees and the houses in front of her.

She stood patiently awaiting her fate. She closed her eyes and held her breath as the white water crashed in front of her.

Her body tossed like a rag doll. Her vision full of white.

The moment she sensed the white light approaching, she shook herself awake. Carefully opening her eyes, the bright white light of the sun shining through her window and onto her face, she thanked God it had only been a dream.

*Note: Inspired by Theme Thursday, topic: White



  1. i felt that one!

    good to know i'm not the only one who dreams of doomsday.

    wait. is that a good thing?

  2. oh hearts beating as if it were my dream...glad we all woke up...wonderful write...

    happy theme thursday!

  3. then did she have to pee? a lot?

  4. Thoughtful take on the theme. Funny how the physical world jumps into what we are dreaming.... -j