Monday, December 6, 2010

Eleventh and Main


Half past noon…
Quarter to nine…
Fifteen to four…
Something’s not right…

Can’t stop running
While spinning in bed
Heart is jumping
Thoughts spur in my head

I ran to the corner
And briefly stood
Half past noon
Then sat on a hood

Quarter to nine
It slowly turned
I waited and bated
Though never deterred

Fifteen to forever
As I waited in haste
I sat there and stared
So impatient, a waste

Waiting and waiting
At Eleventh and Main
The moment kept coming
But never came



  1. I hate when that happens. Funny but frustrating.

  2. Nice writing, I enjoyed reading. :-)

  3. cute piece.
    keep running,
    you will be there.

  4. love the way you capture the anxiousness of the moment! fiveloaf from poets united here haha!

  5. Interesting poem. I liked the way you've described the emotions that happen when you wait for someone.