Monday, December 13, 2010

Old friends


It seems we have met before;
old friends found, yet new.
Away for a lifetime, if feels,
now together once again.

Though, we’ve never been apart;
our souls are connected, through and through.
We’ve been gently reminded by passing vibe:
we’re intertwined, hidden and true.

There’s a connection that binds us.
It is a longing that finds us.
We’re really all just old friends, you see,
though sometimes it’s simply hard to perceive.

So I welcome you in, dear friend of mine.
Come sit, let’s celebrate with fate;
it may be a long time
before we have another chance.

And when we’re done,
I’ll look forward to meeting you again.
On some distant day, once more
when we reminisce the past.

And again, the same as now,
with no words or contact.
Just simple, hidden feelings,
and subconscious breath



  1. This is really beautiful, J. Glad my post inspired you, my friend. xx

  2. Wonderful words you have penned. It is tremendous when you meet someone and just know you knew them in another time. Especially if it is your love.

  3. There's a thread here that is similar to a piece I just started working on, that feeling of kindred souls. Nice write!

  4. I know this feeling and it's great.

  5. nice feeling. i remember once a saying that sometimes some people are never strnger to you, only frineds youve never met

  6. lovely write, reminds me of the song by Simon and Garfunkel with same an old friend itself....blessings...bkm

  7. Like the sentiment behind Auld Lang Syne
    Its a great statement about friends and the value
    Love the way you penned this J

    Thanks for sharing with One Shot

    Moonie smiles

  8. Lovely sentiment to share.. sometimes, the bond you share with some people is too hard to explain... regular relationship title don't qualify :) Your poem explains that perfectly well!!
    Time is never a barrier with certain people of the past...

  9. Beautiful words, inspiring thoughts on friendships past but not forgotten, remembering the flames, fanning them a bit, of friendships that keep the heart warm.