Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Turning signals in the turning lane

I’m a proponent of good driving. I’m also a proponent of following the guidelines and rules set forth, both written and unwritten. Sure, sometimes breaking the speed limit is called for, but that’s not what I’m driving at here (hah!).

I don’t think there’s a need to keep your turn signal on if you’re in the turning lane, unless you’re in the front of the pack or the last in line. Those are two very key positions in a turning lane – both let oncoming and passing traffic know that there are cars about to turn. All the others in the middle of the line, no need for a signal.

Unless, of course, you’re trying to get out of the turning lane, at which time you should have the opposite-direction turn signal illuminated for the world to see you’ve made a horrible mistake and can’t possibly afford to make the turn and are willing to screw up all traffic behind you while you wait to get out of the turning lane as those turning in front of you move forward and on with the turn, effectively blocking all other proper-turners from their chance at turning with those in front of you in the current light sequence.

If this is you, you clearly have no sense of adventure and/or take your driving path too seriously. And you also may not be a good driver.

Anyway, no need for a turn signal in the middle of the pack.

Thank you.



  1. omg don't even get me started on turn signals or lack thereof.

  2. interesting perspective,
    at times, some police officer may be picky if they are around...
    brilliant idea.

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