Monday, April 26, 2010

Like the chapters of a book

There’s something to be said of turning pages in a book, reading one page after another, experiencing the story, and waiting to see what’s beyond the current page. Turning to the next only to find that it’s half the size of the page before and a new chapter is about to begin.

Life is like that: chapter after chapter after chapter. One day to the next, one month to the next, one year to the next, one decade to the next. Sometimes the chapters seem very short and sweet, short and painful, long and boring, and certainly some seem long and burdensome. Sometimes you can’t wait to get onto the next, and sometimes you wish you could stay there forever.

Just like a book, we must continue on with the current chapter, patiently awaiting the next. Sometimes we may not like it, and grow impatient of the chapter’s end. Other times we may not like it, because it happened so fast and we wanted the chapter to go on. Either way, we always end up wanting more. Yearning for more. Waiting for what’s next.

It’s natural to read on only to see what’s coming on the next page, even if we’re struggling to get through the rough of the current chapter and wanting so deeply for something else… maybe sometimes even wishing to end the book right there.

Like the chapters of a book, no matter what we do we must continue reading(!)… for no other reason than if we don’t, we will not leave our current chapter, and will be left within for far too long.


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