Friday, April 16, 2010

An experiment in possibility

Possible topics for today:

Is that a Parade?
The Secret V
The Sun

None of these made the cut. Not one. They each got a start, but they each abruptly ended with little to no direction after gaining a title.

It’s Friday. moe. is playing tonight and tomorrow night, and I’m going to both. There is a Secret V in my phone and it’s starting to upset me. In fact, my entire phone is starting to upset me. The sun isn’t out and the clouds have put me in an all-day funk; where is my usual Colorado weather? Because of this my inner-muse is having trouble coming up with something today, as are my outer-muses. Is that a parade going down the road? No? Well I wish it was. Migration is the key to success, whether you realize it or not. And that’s something I’ve been talking about my entire life.

Experimenting is fun, but often times it gets us nowhere. But that doesn’t mean we should stop. In fact, we should continue continuing on.


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