Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bugs, dancing, and expressive thought in public restrooms

It seems that every now and then when I’m at a bar or concert something unusual happens while in the restroom. Either it’s while waiting in line, standing at the urinal, or walking in or out the door…

The last time something unusual happened, I posted about it HERE. To recap: I tried to wash a bug down the drain while washing my hands, but the bug didn't get washed down the drain and survived the flood. I rescued it with a paper towel, placed it on the counter, and profusely apologize to it, all while wishing I had my phone to take a picture of it for the blog as it tried to recover from the event and, curiously enough, seemed to acknowledge my existence.


And then there was another time I posted about HERE. To recap that one: there was a guy dancing as he stood at the urinal. He wasn’t just swaying back and forth in a drunken fashion; he was literally dancing… at the urinal… while doing his business.

Which brings me to last night at the Sevendust show. The guy standing at the urinal next to me exclaimed rather loudly, “son of a bitch!” as he’s stood there, again, conducting his business. Now, whether or not this was the same guy who was dancing, I don’t know. In fact, I doubt it was. But still, you never know because you never look over to see who’s standing there. Ever.

It seems that when guys are drunk in public restrooms, words and thoughts leap from the mind and into the world rather quickly and openly… perhaps too much so. Whereas back in the barroom area you probably wouldn’t expect some people to be talking to one another, let alone exclaiming personal thoughts while holding their manhood. But in the restroom, it’s fair game for some reason.


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