Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The liquid condor

I’ve been very good at not drinking a lot of soda over the past 8 years; mostly water and iced tea and the occasional soda with a meal here and there. Not too long ago, I started drinking Diet Mountain Dew. Mostly, it was the commercial with all the eagle tattoos and screeching, but a small part of it was the fact that I had become a fan of Coke Zero and that Diet Mountain Dew doesn’t taste nearly as horrible as regular diet sodas.

Now, I typically don’t fall for advertising gimmicks, but I’ll tell you what – that liquid condor-esque screeching in the workplace just did something for me. …I wanted to be like that.

So far, I only screech at home and in the car. I haven’t begun screeching at work; I just don’t think it’s appropriate.


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