Friday, May 28, 2010

And it sets in…

It’s always there, but sits away in the corner.
It sometimes comes out, but for the most part stays in its place.
When it comes out of the shadow though, it isn’t much fun.
I don’t particularly like it, in fact I know I don’t, but what can I do.

I’m not sure how it happens, but it does.
It comes around at the most opportune times, but I don’t ask for it.
I try to clear my mind and move on, but it doesn’t help.
Once it sets in, it’s there, and it stays for a while.

It has a blinding sound, so loud you can hear it over everything else.
It drowns out almost all other sound; it’s deafening.
It’s a strange sound; a sound that I cannot hear.
I know it’s there though, because I feel.

Maybe it’s the sound of feelings.



  1. The sound of feelings. Very well put, and a wonderfully written response to the prompt!


  2. This is lovely. I tried to figure out where it was starts as a riddle, almost. I like the idea of the sound of feelings. My daughter has significant hearing loss, so those feelings were stirred for me, as well. Thanks for sharing this piece. I like it for many reasons. ~Brenda

  3. The last line of this poem is oh so important and really brings the entire piece out. I enjoyed the read and the build up. Each feeling has a different sound I imagine. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Brillant --love the whole build up to the end...well done...bkm

  5. Sound of the feeling, a sound that can be hear and feel at the same time, beautiful image in my mind and well-written flow of emotions coming through me, thank for sharing such a wonderful piece of poem =D

  6. I enjoying thinking about the sound of feelings...well described!

  7. This poem has a wonderful progression and I love the concept of it...feelings do have a sound that can resound in our head like a broken record at times.
    Thank you for sharing this with it! :-)