Friday, June 10, 2011

Yes, I ate them. Sue me.

One night I went to a concert. I drank ahead of time like I usually do in order to A) save money, and B) get the ball rolling.

At one point during the evening, likely between bands or something like that and after being well-oiled with liquor, I was near one of the snack bar areas taking a rest.

Here’s what I found, sitting there all alone by itself, as if someone forgot about it:

It looked so lonely.

And I was suddenly hungry.

And after much deliberation, including phone calls and texts to friends in hopes of helping me find the best way to handle such a situation, I left it like this:

…Why yes, yes I did eat a random order of nachos that were just sitting around in public.

And yes, of course I was drunk.

And yes, they were good.


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