Monday, May 23, 2011

The Unpleasant Reality of Dream Rain

Back when I was in the Air Force and living in the dorms on base, I was sleeping and had a dream. This was no usual dream though.

Normally, dreams are… well… dreams. You wake up, you remember them (or not) and move on with your life.

Sometimes, though, dreams can seem more real than others. And an even lesser amount of dreams actually cross over into the real world.

This story is about one of those dreams:

So I was lying there, dreaming away and in my dream it began to rain. A light mist actually.

I remember that the rain was pretty random in the dream, but played into it very well. I don’t remember what the dream was about, though.

I do remember slowly waking up in the middle of this dream and thinking to myself: man, this dream rain seems a little too real.

That went on for a few seconds while I laid in bed attempting to determine the realness of said rain as it gently fell on my face one droplet at a time.

And then I realized I was awake.

And then I realized it was raining in my bedroom.

And then I opened my eyes in search of said rain in my bedroom.

Upon standing and looking at the ceiling for a few seconds I realized the rain was actually water dripping down from the ceiling fan, hitting the fan blades, and then spraying all over the room in a mist. With time, the rate of water dripping increased until the mist became drops pelting me in the face.

And that’s when I realized someone upstairs had sprung a leak.

And then it turned out that the water originated from an overflowing toilet which had been flowing freely for an hour or two and had flooded the room above mine.

And then I realized my dream rain was actually toilet water.

And then I promptly freaked out.


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