Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Eff you, shirt collar!

I think I might be allergic to shirt collars, and I think it’s getting worse each day.

Some days all I want is to rip off my shirt, throw it in the air, kick it down, pick it up, throw it down, stomp on it, rip it, tear it, and move on with my life, happy that I no longer have a shirt collar around my neck.

Some days I think of how this must be some sort of sign that I’m meant to wear other clothing with less restrictive collars and be in a profession where it is suitable to have other options for shirt collars.

I bet you never thought you’d read a blog post about shirt collars – or maybe you have – or maybe you’ve even written your own – or thought the same… either way.

Just thought you should know.

Welcome to my life.


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  1. Had to come back for YOUR writing. Ever since my husband became a pastor, he's had to wear shirts with collars AND a tie to church.

    Me? Pastor's wife? Bet you'd think it was, oh, Sarah Palin Red and pumps and an Aretha Franklinesque hat. Nope. Jeans and a decent shirt plus some asymmetrical earrings (this last detail brings whispers of "old hippie," and I'm so proud of that!).

    I figure it Jesus walked in, homeless, in dirty sandals, he's look for someone else in jeans to sit with.

    Having said that, I tell you this: Lex shares your views, completely. He does wear the subversive Stuey from "Family Guy" tie on occasion, though! Amy Barlow Liberatore

  2. I get you. Sometimes it feels like the shirt collar is just another version of a harness. I love looking for unique t-shirt printing designs, and that is part of what defines me as a person.